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The Tier 1 entrepreneur visa*

- a brief overview-

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa to the UK is a route for aspiring men, women and entrepreneurial teams reach the next steps in their career, or to begin a completely new legacy.

With the UK having a historically strong economic, social, health, education and political infra-structure, the country attracts the brightest and best from all over the world.

Designed for new and budding, or experienced veteran entrepreneurs, the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa category is part of the UK's Points-Based System, whereby in order for the visa to be granted, the applicant must acquire the following number of points for their initial visa application.

- 75 points - Attributes
- 10 points - English Language
- 10 points - Maintenance

The full 95 points in total is required. A UK Visa Business Plan is now MANDATORY!

As well as the points, applicants must now pass the"genuine test".

In this article, we will briefly go through these points so you have a better understanding of the general requirements.

Attributes (75)

The 75 points is split into three parts, 25, 25 and 25.

The first 25 points is awarded if the applicant has access to £200,000 (GBP) or more. The money can be held in their name or in a third party's name, so long as they have permission to access the funds.

The next 25 points is awarded if the money is held in a regulated financial institution.

The final 25 points is awarded if the money is disposable in the UK.

English Language (10)

Applicants will be awarded 10 points if they can demonstrate sufficient grasp of the English language, which can be demonstrated if the applicant:

1) is from a majority English-speaking country; or
2) have passed a recognised English-language test; or
3) have done a UK degree or above (or equivalent).

Maintenance (10)

On top of the £200,000, applicants must demonstrate they have sufficient maintenance to cover them and any family member dependents for at least 90 days. The amount required varies, depending on the number of people applying.

In many cases, tuberculosis (TB) tests will also need to be passed.

The "Genuine Test"

On the 31st of January 2013, the Home Office announced a new requirements, called the "Genuine Test". From April 2015, a UK Visa Business Plan is MANDATORY as part of the specified documents for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur UK visa application. 

Applicants will need to demonstrate that their intention to come to the UK is to truly set up and run a legitimate business.

The Home Office have suggested a number of methods to meet the requirements of this test, including an up-to-date CV from the applicant, showing their qualifications and experience, a letter from a business angel or venture capital confirming they are mentoring the entrepreneur and other such documents.

But in most proven cases of success, the Home Office expects are detailed, tailor-made, commercial AND Tier 1 compliant UK Visa Business Plan as part of the supporting document in the initial Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application.

At UK Visa Business Plans, we offer a bespoke and niche service to assist potential Tier 1 Entrepreneurs with meeting the genuine test.

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